Tuesday, February 12, 2013

emotional a.d.d.

It's a thing, y'all. I swurr.

Men and women are both susceptible to this remarkable condition. Young and old. Gay and straight and everything outside, inside, to the right and to the left (to the left).

I have been emotionally ADD for about three days now. It rules. No, it sucks. It's weird. It's amazing. I hate it. I love it.

You follow? K. So I decided to write down every emotion I've experienced so far today:

Horny (yeap)

Some of these are just shades or flavors of the other, but they all conjure up a different image or sensation in my physical being. My breath changes, my body temperature shifts, my desire to move, my desire to sleep, my motivation to work, to communicate, to anything, it is all affected by these feelings.

Cool thing is: feelings aren't real! I mean, they're a thing. I'm actually experiencing them. But if I can experience that many in a single day, doesn't that mean I can NOT experience them if I so choose? Answer: totes.

But how!? Not everyone has time just to drop their ish and go to a yoga class or abandon work or whatevs. I know I sure don't. I mean, I have plenty of time for Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and texting and blogging and cuddling Gary (my cat). But how could I possibly have time to take 60 seconds to focus on my breath? Pssshhhh.

See what I did there? We have time. All of us. Do it. Right now. Unless you're driving, in which case, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS, YOU CRAY FOO!? Set the alarm on your phone and close your eyes and see how deep you can breathe in and how fully you can exhale. Send that breath into every corner of you. No peeking at the timer. When it dings, how do you feel? Different, yeah?


Also, you look super hot today. Winky face.

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