Wednesday, June 22, 2011

big ups, ganesha. you did good. real good.

Ganesha did indeed remove the obstacles I was worried about for my little babysitting adventure. We played catch, pretend, and charades. We ate. We watched educational movies. We read books, we sang. They slept. They didn't get out of bed once after I put them down. And I didn't even drug them. Promise. This morning, they creeped into my room at the bright, silly hour of 6 a.m. (the earliest they are allowed to disturb adults from their slumber). We had a little cereal, read several books and then did some sunny salutations out on the deck. Now we're watching more educational movies while I write this blog and prep a bigger breakfast.

Moral: If you're tweaking about something, let go. As hard as it might be, just let go. It will take care of itself and everything will be okay. Because honestly, besides seeing that shape of an elephant in the clouds yesterday, I did nothing more than let go of my stress and welcome in the love I needed to care for these beautiful little babes. As a result, everything has gone swimmingly.

P.S. I plan to take an earth-shattering nap later.

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