Monday, June 6, 2011

today, i meet an inspiration...

After school today, I'm meeting with Michel Tigan, a yoga instructor and the director of the St. Croix Valley Big Brothers Big Sister organization.

Michel is the first and only teacher to bring me to tears. I was practicing at a studio in a nearby suburb last summer and towards the end of the practice, she had us laying in the open and relaxing corpse pose (savasana), instructing us to let go. She told us to grab whatever tension we had in our ankles, head, neck, heart, core and let it go. As I diligently shoveled through each part of my body, trying to let go of whatever I had kept there, tears started filling my eyes and sliding, warmly across my temples and onto my mat. As each tear fell, I felt lighter, happier, more scared and even a little hysterical. I was very vulnerable, but it was thrilling and peaceful at the same time.

I left the class in such an intense state of unnerving bliss that I forgot to catch her name. I tried to find her on the website a few days later, but there was no contact information made available. I eventually stopped going to that studio after my month of unlimited yoga ran out. I eventually forgot about that moment and forgot about Michel.

Until about a month ago.

I started my free week at another yoga studio in another nearby suburb, testing out the waters of a studio at which I would potentially take a teacher trainer course. On my second day, I walked into the studio to a smiling brunette wearing silver dangling earrings and feathers in her hair. She was so warm when she spoke. We started talking about teacher trainings and she told me, briefly, about her yoga journey. I asked her questions about the different programs, skill levels etc. The more we spoke, the more I felt I knew this woman. She felt so safe. I trusted her.

It wasn't until class started, I closed my eyes in half lotus and Michel started to speak, that I remembered who she was. I left the practice feeling cleansed and giddy. But, like a school girl with a crush, I was too nervous to tell her what she meant to me, so I slipped out of the studio and tried again to find her on the internet.

After little success, I met with the studio owner and asked her if I could have Michel's contact information. I shared my story with Michel via e-mail and she agreed to meet me today at a local coffee shop. She's even offered to do a mentorship program with me. I feel like, in about 10 hours, I'll be hanging out with my own little personal celebrity.

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  1. Cool new blog, Tooty. Maybe you'll convince me to start yoga-ing... :)